• "I would write in a journal long

    lists of colors, science girls and poetry."


    Gérard Garouste

  • etole "Les bottes"

    The maxi foulard,

    essential accessory

    Christine Lombard, always in jeans and never wearing makeup, could never leave her place

    without a shawl or a scarf sometimes even both. They are the little extra that makes the entire difference she states.

    Scarves express personality.

    Opting for a Maxi Scarf is considered 'going big' as much as it is also seen as a return to basics.

    Drape a piece of fabric, as do many Indian and African woman, across your body.

    It opens endless opportunities towards changing and playing with the colors.

    For a customer base that appreciates the quality and artistic reference, Christine Lombard® scarves are a guarantee of longevity and transmission.


     foulard luxe Christine Lombard


    Christine Lombard collected tissue samples, colored ribbons and wallpaper albums. Her favorite Christmas gift, a large forty coloring crayons box. This box has followed her throughout her travels.



    Christine Lombard bought handkerchiefs for men with large plaid patterns that she wore around her neck.



    she tracked down and paced markets in search of precious scarves.



    continued to track and pace markets, searching for fabric and unable to resist buying those of particular motifs, color and texture creating the precious scarf she hunted with passion.



    No, dreamy and romantic.

    "A blue that isn't quite blue but derives from green, can really make one travel far!"



    foulard tendance

    Christine Lombard

    After studying literature in Aix en Provence, Christine Lombard crosses paths with the GRAND MAGIC CIRCUS. She begins a mountebank life, always on the road with the cast of Jerome Savary . A school of life.


    Ten years later, she returns to her primary passion, Fashion.


    She starts a new adventure with the magazine LE JARDIN DES MODES led by Alice Morgaine.

    She became an editor at COSMOPOLITAN, created by Juliette Boirisveaud and then chief editor of Fashion Targets at the center of MARIE CLAIRE's group. For her, it does not mean forgetting the theater and the personalities she dresses for the stage or the press: Isabelle Huppert, Philippe Caubère, Richard Bohringer, Muriel Robin, Isabelle Adjani, Sophie Marceau, Barbara Schulz, Marie Gillain…


    Today, she has created her trademark scarves CHRISTINE LOMBARD ® inspired by the work of her friend, photographer Christophe Gstalder .


    The scarves, worthy of and paying tribute to through photography, invite you to travel. In the

    photographed scarves edition, Christine Lombard permits for grand opportunities of Christophe Gstalder, the photographer's, poetic universe in images of the American road and Cuba the

    new 2016 collection.

    Christophe Gstalder

    Christophe Gstalder was born in France, he grew up adventurer, he calls his home "The Road." Self-taught photographer, his work has crossed all categories in the art of photography.
    His creativity has benefited through decades from the collaboration of top-models, designers, musicians, actors, artists, politicians and people in general.

    1982 - 2016 : New York, Christophe works as Mickey Rourke's personal photographer, his photographic style and his way to capture unique moments bring him recognition and to photograph celebrities such as Charles Bukowski, Robert De Niro, Marcello Mastroianni, Nicolas Cage, Sophia Loren, Vanessa Paradis...
    1986 : On the advice of Polly Mellen, American Vogue Fashion Editor, Christophe began his career as a New York fashion photographer.
    1986 - 2016 : He realized countless fashion publications and magazines cover (Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue Germany, Italian Bazaar, Cosmopolitan...), record covers (Spice Girls, Eric Clapton, Liane Foly...), film posters, advertisements with top models like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Iman, Linda Evangelista, Paulina Pariskova and many others...

    FILM :
    1984, Christophe Gstalder works as photographer on "Angel Heart" film set, directed by Allan Parker with stars Robert De Niro and Mickey Rourke, and follows on "Heartburn" film set, directed by Mike Nichols with stars Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson, opening himself to his future cinematographic carrier :
    2016 : Director - "Carnets de Voyages" a documentary film project about Boruca Indians of Costa Rica, due in 2017
    2012 : Co-director with Gérard Manset "Musical Biography of Gérard Manset", film due 2017
    1994 - 2016 : Director Music Videos for Shakira, Ricky Martin, Amadou & Mariam, Enrique Iglesias and Gérard Manset, among others.
    1992 : Director - His first short-cut film "Ekahalat", Best Young Director Award at the UGC Film Festival in Paris in 1993.

    Christophe has exhibited his work for over 20 years in major international photo meetings:
    "Les rencontres d'Arles" (France) in 1991 alongside Sebastão Salgado, in London in 1990 at the famous "Black & White Gallery", in Paris at the "Carrousel du Louvre" for the Photography Festival in 1993, nominated for the Fashion Photo Awards Festival in Monaco in 1992. His work is also currently exhibited at the Museo de Oro in San Jose Costa Rica.
    Today, when he is not on the road for the filming of a movie or a fashion shoot, he divides his time between Paris and Costa Rica.




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